Having the Right Mindset

From the Coach
People make excuses to allow themselves to feel as though they didn’t fall short of their goal. Do not be one of those people. If you want something enough, you will find a way to get it.  Mindset separates people who succeed from people who do not. When the desire for an achievement becomes great enough, there is no obstacle big enough that can stand in your way.

Mental Strength
Individuals must possess certain characteristics that will allow them to overcome extremely difficult and challenging circumstances. Calorie deprivation, set-backs, frustrations, fatigue, and the pressure associated with competition are only a few of the challenges faced by competitors. Vigorous training without losing focus and the confidence that the goal can be reached are elements that produce a champion. Only a few of us are born with this drive; others have to learn and develop this toughness. This is what truly separates true champions from everyone else.

The consistent effort placed toward achieving a goal despite repetitive failure, extreme difficulties, discouragement, and opposition from outsiders does pay off. Champions fail more than they succeed. It is very rare to succeed with ease and on the first try. Anything with value  does not come easily. The mind set for instant gratification is a mind set for failure.